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Speaker: David Bernstein, MD, FAASLD, FACG, FACP
1 What options are available for my GT3 patient who previously failed sofosbuvir + pegylated interferon?
2 What options are available for my HCV patients with ESRD? If my patient is on a 12 week HCV regimen and forgets their medication while on a one-week vacation, should he/she restart and complete the remaining course of therapy? Does it matter how long he was dosed prior to stopping for a week?
3 What options are available for a newly diagnosed GT1 patient with compensated cirrhosis?
4 Can sofosbuvir be used in infected individuals with severe renal impairment?
5 How should I manage my HCV-infected patients that are on opioid substitution therapy?
6 If my GT1 infected patient has severe hepatic impairment and is listed, should I treat him now or wait until after transplant?
Speaker: Robert S. Brown, Jr., MD, MPH
1 Is there a higher risk for de novo HCC development after I treat my patients with DAAs?
2 Which patients are eligible for an 8-week regimen with GLE/PIB?
3 How do I best treat a GT1 patient with decompensated cirrhosis?
4 If my GT3 patient is listed, is it better to treat before or after transplant?
5 Should we consider transplanting HCV antibody positive livers into HCV antibody negative recipients?
Speaker: Douglas Dieterich, MD
1 How best should I manage my HCV-infected patients who are actively using illicit intravenous drugs?
2 Do HCV/HIV coinfected patients need to be managed differently than HCV monoinfected patients?
3 How do I manage a patient newly diagnosed with HBV and HCV chronic infections?
4 What options are available for my GT1a patient who previously failed sofosbuvir/ledipasvir?
Speaker: Ira Jacobson, MD
1 Will SVR lead to an improvement in extrahepatic manifestations?
2 Can successful HCV treatment lead to a reversal of fibrosis?
3 Should I still be concerned about viral resistance when treating my genotype 1 HCV patients?
4 Is it still important to stage liver disease before I treat?
5 If I don't have a Fibroscan and my patient refuses a biopsy, which serologic test is best to order so I can stage the liver disease?